Saturday 4 February 2017

Liverpool: Then and Now

Liverpool Art College
Hope Street
Liverpool 1

I have an app on my phone that let's me overlay an old archive photo with a photograph of the same view that I've just taken to create an interesting then-and-now composition. I now carry a phone full of old photographs of Liverpool and the Beatles for whenever the opportunity presents itself. I've used the results occasionally on this blog.

Superior results can be obtained using Photoshop which I have to admit is technically a bit beyond me at the moment. For me the absolute master of this is Keith Jones who you may be familiar with from the incredible photographs he posts on his Facebook page Liverpool: Then and Now.

Keith was keen to get out yesterday lunchtime and do some new photographs and invited suggestions on his page. With my previous post still in mind, and planning to try and do a composite shot at some point in the future myself I thought why not turn over the Art College photo to Keith and let the expert do it. He was happy to oblige. 

As you can see from the finished result, he's done a fantastic job. Look how soot blackened the Art College was in 1960!

If you haven't already I strongly recommend that you head over to Keith's page (click the link below):

But beware, you can lose hours on there!

Cheers Keith.

The original photo © Tony Carricker.  Then and Now © Keith Jones (2017)

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