Sunday 22 March 2020

Mother Mary 1947

Stanley Park
Walton Lane
L4 2SL 

On Mothering Sunday two years ago Paul McCartney shared a previously unseen photograph of himself and brother Michael with their mother Mary in Stanley Park, circa 1947.  

At that time I did wonder whether this meant that Paul had a collection of family photographs that Mike didn't, or perhaps that Mike had but had chosen not to share publicly in any of his books.

Two years on, it's Mother's Day today, and Paul has dipped into his family archive again and posted another unseen photo on his Instagram account.

This one shows Mary and her two boys in a rowing boat on the lake at Stanley Park, approaching one of the bridges.

You may recall that in the other photos taken this day Paul looks to have a right 'gob on'. Here both the McCartney brothers look to be enjoying themselves as all three smile for Jim's camera.

A charming photograph.     

My family on the bridge at Stanley Park.

Here's a link to the previous photo:

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  1. This is so fitting with the opening lyrics of Let It Be, released 50 years ago this month.