Tuesday 7 June 2016

Oglet Shorts Part 2!

Oglet Shore

There have been further comments on yesterday's post concerning the above photograph.

Some of you older people may remember Peter Hodgson's observation that these two little boys in their braced shorts (left) look a little bit like a young Paul and Michael McCartney.

Peter thought it odd that two young boys would be down there unaccompanied but did note the taller girl behind them with the dark hair. Was she the sister of one of the boys? A neighbour maybe?

How about a cousin?

Here's Paul in 1957 on the beach at Filey. The glamorous lady on the left is his cousin Bett, daughter of Annie McCartney, Jim's sister. The little boy is her son Ted Robbins who would later find fame as the comedian and actor, Ted Robbins. Could she be the dark haired lady in the Oglet photo?

In fact there are some adults sitting on rocks centre and extreme right, so maybe the kids are part of a larger family gathering. Could this be a McCartney family day out?

And then, just to add further conjecture to a post already based entirely upon speculation and guesswork another friend of mine, Jackie Spencer, Beatles tour guide numero uno, pipes up and asks could this little chap in the centre of the photograph be the other Speke Beatle, George Harrison and the boy standing with his legs crossed by the rock his older brother Peter?

Funnily enough the thought had crossed my mind too but I put it down to me feeling tired (it's been very warm out the last couple of days).  In all honesty I don't know what to think anymore, I've studied this photograph so much over the last day I'm sure I even spotted this guy at one point.

Finally, here's a photograph of Paul and George (and one other) reportedly taken at Oglet. I assumed it was from one of Paul and George's hitch-hiking holidays but others say differently. There looks to be a sand dune behind them so it's safe to say they're at a beach (unless their unidentified friend owned a bloody big sandpit). But where?

Similarly this one, of George carrying flippers. This photo appears in Remember, one of Mike McCartney's books where he credits Paul as the photographer. Mike suggests George is on his way to either the swimming baths (there were none in Speke so he's probably going to Garston or Woolton) or the sea (or the Mersey). Once again, this could be from their hitch-hiking holiday but the fact that Mike thought he had taken the photo until Paul told him otherwise suggests he recognises where George is, and let's not forget that Mike didn't accompany them on either of their holidays.

For the sake of completeness I've included both photos here.

I'll leave it up to you, the viewer to decide.

George, circa 1957-8, photographed by Paul McCartney

Thanks to Peter Hodgson and Jackie Spencer.

Photograph of Paul on Filey Beach, George and Paul, and George with flippers -property of Paul and Mike McCartney.

The Oglet Shore photo originated in Ken Pye's book "Discover Liverpool" which I bought recently in a Charity Shop, signed by the author and including a DVD.

What a great find - it's one of the best books on my city I've had the pleasure to read.

Here's a link to Ken's site

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