Saturday 23 June 2018

Step Inside, Love

20 Forthlin Road
Liverpool 18

I hope you enjoyed Paul's appearance on 'Carpool Karaoke' as much as I did. As the two main topics of this blog are the Beatles and Liverpool it would be difficult for me not to be slightly biased (especially as I'm actually in the programme for a few fleeting seconds!) but I do think it's the best thing Paul's done in years. The feedback since the broadcast seems to be unanimously positive - 'the joy in people's faces, just beautiful' - was one typical comment on a Liverpool Facebook page. 

I plan on doing a full scene by scene synopsis at some point. For those who haven't managed to watch it yet the best place to do so is probably YouTube. I noticed last night that the Sky broadcast in the UK cut it in half with an advert break but seemed to have a bit more footage at the end so I'll try and compare both.

In the meantime, my earlier post mentioned how I was hoping to get a shot of Paul on the door step to match Mike McCartney's earlier photograph from c. June 1962. I couldn't get the shot because of the TV crew blocking the view but thanks to them I've now managed to take a screenshot from the actual broadcast, which I think you'll agree is close enough. I especially like the way the foliage on both photos matches. You can almost 'see' Mike's photo in colour now!

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