Monday 22 October 2018

Do You Know Him?

Liverpool Echo and Evening Express,
Saturday 16 May 1964
(my Mum's 20th Birthday if that's a point of interest)

I'm continuing to trawl the archives of the Liverpool Echo and came across this piece written by George Harrison (no, not that one) about George Harrison (yes, that one).

I've done a reconstruction below using a better copy of the photograph. I've tried to enhance the text as well to make it easier to read.

I've always assumed that this photo was taken in the back garden of 25 Upton Green - George's home in Speke.

However, from Mrs Kelly's comments I'm now wondering whether it was taken in the backyard of her house in Wavertree, which in 1957 was 9 Botanic Street according to Mark Lewisohn. The Kelly family must have moved to the address in the article before 1964. 

I suspect this might be the first time this particular photo of George was published. 

I bet Mrs Kelly was made up when she opened up the paper and discovered the Echo had cut her own son out of the shot! 

Here's the full photo:

Note that George Harrison, the Echo journalist had a column called 'Over The Mersey Wall'. In 1969 George Harrison, the Beatle released an album called 'Electronic Sound' (containing exactly what it said on the tin). Side 1 of that LP was an 18m 41s track entitled 'Under The Mersey Wall', a nod to his namesake if ever there was.   


Liverpool Echo archives

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