Monday 30 July 2018

Thank U Very Much

This is something nice I found when I was recently trawling the archives of the Liverpool Echo 


Liverpool Echo, 16 November 1981


  1. It is a great book. I got my hands on a copy in the early 90s. I suspect that Lewisohn used some of the information in it for Part 1. I also expect you have used it a lot in terms of tracking down locations for your blog. There must be a sad but interesting story around Mike's divorce, but I doubt that will ever come out.
    The only thing that surprised me was that for someone who lives in the Wirral, his story of Paul's limousine breaking down in Frodsham, LANCASHIRE showed a geographical lapse!

  2. I agree James. I would really like Mike to reissue the book, perhaps in an expanded version, but certainly on quality paper that really does his remarkable photographs justice.