Wednesday 19 June 2019

Nigel Walley remembers the Quarry Men 1963

Christopher Nigel Walley, known to his friends as Nigel, Nige or "Wallogs" lived in Vale Road, Woolton, behind John Lennon's home on Menlove Avenue.  Pete Shotton and Ivan Vaughan also lived in Vale Road and together they formed John Lennon's first gang.

Nigel and Shotton went to Mosspits School (where John had attended briefly) while Lennon and Vaughan attended Dovedale. 

John formed the Quarry Men in 1956 and it was only natural that he would want his friends in the group, regardless of their musical ability. Nigel was one of four tea-chest bass players the group had, the others being Bill Smith and Ivan Vaughan before Len Garry secured the position permanently.

Realising that Nigel was not particularly musical but still wishing to include him in some way, John decided Nigel could be the Quarry Men's manager. Walley duly set about trying to get the group some bookings, John promising him an even share of whatever fee he could get them.  He took the role seriously paying a local printer in Woolton 7s 6d to produce business cards which he placed in shop windows, and handed them out to anyone who would book them so they'd remember who they were for next time. Reportedly he also had flyers made which he sent to local ballrooms and social clubs advertising that the Quarry Men were available for hire.