Monday 10 May 2021

Photograph Smile

137 Gateacre Park Drive
L25 4UE

I've previously written about John and Yoko's visit to Liverpool in June 1969 on this blog (you can read about it here).  Another photo from the visit has just turned up. 

This is Yoko's daughter Kyoko Cox, and John's son Julian pictured on the driveway at 137 Gateacre Park Drive (see below) just before they set off on the long drive up to Scotland to see John's Aunt Mater and Uncle Bert in Edinburgh.

Mimi Mendip

251 Menlove Avenue

Circa 5 September 1960, John Lennon sent his Aunt Mimi a postcard from Hamburg. 

Dear Mimi,

Sorry I haven't written much but we're terribly busy and don't finish playing 'till about 2 in the morning and by the time we've eaten we're "dead beats."

This is the street we playing (the little yellow bit at the end). I'll write a proper letter soon as I get time. I hope you're well and everything  and don't worry about me I'm eating and sleeping well and keeping out of trouble xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Ok and no trouble. I'll be home in 5 weeks I think (we might be going to Berlin).


Love John

You can just imagine Mimi simultaneously smiling and tutting as she read it. 

The postcard appears in the new book, The Beatles Mach Shau in Hamburg, by Thorsten Knublauch, which looks to be the final, definitive word on the Beatles in Germany. 

The first run of 500 copies has already sold out. A reprint is currently underway, and you can order a copy here

Accosted by a Rozzer

Empire Theatre
Lime Street
Liverpool 1

I previously wrote about the Beatles last but one appearance in their home city here

Here are a couple more photos taken on the day of that appearance (8 November 1964). Paul making polite conversation with Joseph Wright Teesdale Smith, the Chief Constable of Liverpool before the Beatles' performance. 

The other three were presumably as far away as they could get.  

Liverpool Airport, Speke, 10 July 1964. The Beatles arrive for the Northern Premiere of 'A Hard Day's Night'. Note the imposing figure of Chief Constable Teesdale Smith to the left of Derek Taylor.  A home visit from the Beatles demanded the presence of the top man.